Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Yummy Ice cream

Ice cream is really delicious it's the most delicious wonderful  thing ever made in the Galexey lots of people like ice cream.

Ice cream looks like frozen cream with lots of yummy and delicious flavours.Ice cream also feels like a  cube of freezing cold ice but when ice cream melts it turns into water with flavours in it because the flavours have not melted yet.some ice creams taste like Mango ,vinila,chocolate,starberry and lots other flavours.Some ice creams have noises when you eat them some are silence and some have soft noises when but if you smack ice cream on concrete or somewhere hard it makes ahumanges and loud noise Ice cream is the most yummy thing I  have ever ate before.

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  1. Hi Melody I liked your story but you spelled galaxy wrong.