Thursday, 21 September 2017

Maths Reflection: Triangle Group

Today we tried something a little different in maths. We tried to do the impossible...make times tables fun!

It wasn't easy. We had to use a bunch of digital games, such as 'hit the button', as well as some outdoor activities involving chalk and movement. Check out the presentation to see some of the stuff we did.

Here are our reflections below:

Frankie: I feel like I know my 3 times tables a little better now. I knew more than I thought I did in hit the button and I definitely know more 3 times tables than I did at the start of the day.

Amy: I liked hit the button it gave me a chance to show what ones I already know, but the bigger ones were a bit harder (like 3x7 and 3x8). Working outside was nice because it was a nice, sunny day.

Alex: I liked the digital activities more than the ones outside. Hit the button is fun because it's kind of like a game and I like beating my old scores.

Luca: Hop scotch was awesome. It was fun to draw my own version and then play on it. I feel like it helped me learn my 3's backwards and forwards. 

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