Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Delicious milk chocolate

Delicious milk chocolate

Milk chocolate is the yummiest thing in the galaxy,it taste like sweet milk chocolate.If you keep it in your mouth it melts up.It is a lighter colour than dark chocolate.Some chocolates tastes very bad.Milk chocolate is the sweetest thing in the world,because it has sugar in it.Have you ever ate a milk chocolate?It looks amazing and makes you feel like you want to eat it.If it's infront of you you can't resist it but feel like you want to eat it.It looks brown delicious and tremendous.It is made out of sugar.It feels hard and if you squish it,it can be very sticky.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Super Sticky Slime

To make super Sticky Slime!

You will need:
•A bowl
•oz Glue
•A cup
• Borax (or sodium tetraborate solution)

1. In one bowl mix oz. glue and one quarter cup of water together.
2. Add one quarter cup of Borax to the glue and water mixture and stir slowly.
3. The slime will begin to form immediately.
4. Stir as much as you can, then dig in and knead it with your hands until it gets less sticky.

5. Finally you can have fun and squish it with your hands.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Delicious Pizza,By Renae

Delicious pizza

Pizza is the most delicious,yummy and wonderful food in the world,It comes from the country Italy.

But what is a pizza?Pizzas are yellow and brown on the bread and there can be pepperonis on them

and pineapples,mozzarella and vegetables.It sounds crunchy when you bite it and it makes cracking

Noise.It smells delicious and fantastic.Pizzas are hard when it's brown and soft when it's white.It

Looks crispy and cheesy.Pizza is round and huge like a circle.It is sometimes really hard because they

might be over cooked or burned.I think Pizza`s are the most delicious and fantastic food in the

World.Its great because it's the best .And also it is the best food ever.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Yummy Ice cream

Ice cream is really delicious it's the most delicious wonderful  thing ever made in the Galexey lots of people like ice cream.

Ice cream looks like frozen cream with lots of yummy and delicious flavours.Ice cream also feels like a  cube of freezing cold ice but when ice cream melts it turns into water with flavours in it because the flavours have not melted yet.some ice creams taste like Mango ,vinila,chocolate,starberry and lots other flavours.Some ice creams have noises when you eat them some are silence and some have soft noises when but if you smack ice cream on concrete or somewhere hard it makes ahumanges and loud noise Ice cream is the most yummy thing I  have ever ate before.

Monday, 7 August 2017

By Renae

Stretchy slime 

Slime is very sticky and soft.It is very fluffy too.Slime feels soft,fluffy and squishy.
Slime sounds crunchy and watery.It taste disgusting and yucky.Slime looks 
Slippery and it looks like a blob .Slime smells yummy and delicious

How to make slime

Gooey Cornflour Goo

Gooey Cornflour Goo
 Cornflour goo looks like any colour if we put some colour on it. It tastes like cornflour and it smells the same too. Cornflour goo tastes yummy, but it will make you sick. It sounds so quiet that you can't hear it. Cornflour goo also feels soft and sticky.

Summarising a text t3 w2

This week we read a text called The Ant  and the Grasshopper . It was a story about a wise ant and a foolish and lazy grasshopper. At the beggining a family of ants where working hard to gather food for winter. In the middle of the story an ant told a grasshopper that he should gather food for winter but the grasshopper didn't listen. At the end of the story it became winter and the ants ate the seeds they gathered in autumn and the grasshopper got hungry the grasshopper asked the ants if he could have some of their food and the ants said no. I believe the authors purpose was to persuade people not to be lazy and foolish. I know this because the grasshopper was lazy and foolish.

Cornflower Goo

Cornflower Goo ,is a type liquid.Cornflower Goo is very very very watery cornflower Goo is very very very watery cornflower Goo is very hard to wash off.

Cornflower Goo looks Runnyand soapy it also looks sticky.

Cornflower Goo smells like Rice.

Cornflower Goo feels slimy,Grippy,,watery,soapy,glopy,and it feels sticky.

You can hear a splashy noise when you smack the bowl full off Cornflower Goo you can also hear some silence.

Amazing Aquatic Jelly

Aquatic Jelly

Aquatic jelly is very yummy. It is made out of jello and water. It can tastee like blueberries. Other jellys can taste like other things.
It can smell like blueberries. Aquatic jelly smells very nice. It can also smell like other things.
It feels quite slimy but also quite smooth too. If you squeeze it in your hands, it feels quite slimy. When you first make it feels watery. 

Aquatic jelly sounds wobbly and jiggly when you shake it but it doesn't have much sound. 

You can see through aquatic jelly. When you look at it, it sort of looks slimy but when you feel it, it feels very watery and slimy. 

Aquatic jelly is a very fun and easy thing to make so I think you should make it at home. 

Written by Katelyn

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Hub Raa Parent Writing Workshop

Thanks to all the parents who attended our writing workshop last week and made it the awesome night that it was.

Here are the slides for the workshop.