Thursday, 17 August 2017

Delicious Pizza,By Renae

Delicious pizza

Pizza is the most delicious,yummy and wonderful food in the world,It comes from the country Italy.

But what is a pizza?Pizzas are yellow and brown on the bread and there can be pepperonis on them

and pineapples,mozzarella and vegetables.It sounds crunchy when you bite it and it makes cracking

Noise.It smells delicious and fantastic.Pizzas are hard when it's brown and soft when it's white.It

Looks crispy and cheesy.Pizza is round and huge like a circle.It is sometimes really hard because they

might be over cooked or burned.I think Pizza`s are the most delicious and fantastic food in the

World.Its great because it's the best .And also it is the best food ever.

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