Monday, 7 August 2017

Amazing Aquatic Jelly

Aquatic Jelly

Aquatic jelly is very yummy. It is made out of jello and water. It can tastee like blueberries. Other jellys can taste like other things.
It can smell like blueberries. Aquatic jelly smells very nice. It can also smell like other things.
It feels quite slimy but also quite smooth too. If you squeeze it in your hands, it feels quite slimy. When you first make it feels watery. 

Aquatic jelly sounds wobbly and jiggly when you shake it but it doesn't have much sound. 

You can see through aquatic jelly. When you look at it, it sort of looks slimy but when you feel it, it feels very watery and slimy. 

Aquatic jelly is a very fun and easy thing to make so I think you should make it at home. 

Written by Katelyn

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