Sunday, 7 May 2017

A flying start into Term 2 in Hub Ra!

What a start back to Term 2! On top of our reading, writing and maths programs starting back up, we have a lot of awesome stuff going on!

In term 2 we have 6 break throughs that learners will be involved in. They are sports, 2 zoology groups, construction, learning through Minecraft, and art. Learners were involved in a range of hands on activities on Friday where they had to bring what they knew about their topic and share with their group. We have a great foundation now to get into some deep learning as the term progresses! It's going to be a great deal of fun.

We also started on our new concept of 'I Wonder' this week. This concept is all about thinking about what wonderings we have, and building our learning capacity to solve them. This requires us to know all about asking the right questions, knowing the difference between open and closed questions, and building up our research skills. Looking at key words and effective research strategies will be a big focus this term, as well as using the Stonefields learning process to scaffold us while we do this.

Here's to a great term!